Basic Surf Lessons

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  • Level 1: Designed to teach the skills and the basics techniques to learn how to surf. The client will learn how to paddle, how to sit on the board and turn it, how to stand up correctly.
  • Level 2: We will teach how to paddle for their own wave, how to handle a board with the waves and how to surf the wave in White water all the way to the beach.
  • Level 3: Here we will take the clients to an advanced spot, they will learn how to select the correct wave of the set, how to ride the wave face, also the basic handle of the board.
  • Level 4: In this level the surfers become the shaky movements into fluids and stylized movements while they learn the basics shunting of the surf.
  • Level 5: This level is to help the surfers to improve their surf, development and increase their surfing.

Surf Trips on boat

First Ride:  We will transfer you on boat to the one of the beautiful beaches nearby.  The surf guide will permanently advising and helping guests on each of the waves they encounter.

Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock

For second level surfers and up who are looking to improve their surf during their stay in Costa Rica.  Surfing is our passion and therefore our specialty. We know exactly where to go and when get there. We have all spots dialed, and have lots of different waves to offer to suit every level of expertise.

We have access to accurate meteorological data, so that you get exactly the waves you are expecting.

We will provide you with the following important information:

  • Detailed description of the break, rocks, currents and more
  • Tips according to the spot
  • Important safety aspects
  • Special Conditions:This tour is available only when the climtate allows.
  • Tours leave from and arrive to:  Main hotels in Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal & Papagayo in Guanacaste.
  • Pick up time: From 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. depending on which hotel the client is picked up.
  • Note:  The destination of this tour is within the Guanacaste Area.